Monday, November 29, 2010


Alright. I decided to make myself a little bit more focused in getting my project off the ground through blogging. To think, if I heard myself say that six years ago I'd probably shudder. Either way, this blog is to serve the purpose of sharing, promoting, and organizing the Sabertooth Tiger Tapes Distro.

Within the month we'll be launching a simple html website with links to download-able and playable versions of some free digital singles as well as an option to purchase tapes via PayPal or by sending money in the mail. Singles are representative of the polished final piece, and tapes are the formative demos, jazz, and noise that create the inspiration for the singles.

We also want to start filming full length music video tapes for distribution within the forseeable future. There is enough pre-created content to keep the website capable of daily updates of art, writing, drawing, and video. I hope you'll enjoy following the process with me as I turn my dream of helping people make and hear their own simple music a reality.

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