Wednesday, January 26, 2011

...Red is Roseville 3

The single Shorty Lo is a pretty ditty. I wrote it whilst walking through the (now through its destruction) mythical paths and trees. There's some graffiti that comprises the chorus, and a description of the natural wonder that makes up the verse. I have a cute voice that's warm over the bright and mellow guitar tracks.

SHORTY LO on MySpacesister

Also, I have a special news bit. We found the new sound! We're in the process of mixing it down from it's original form but let's just say it's ground breaking and it'll change the way you think about the Ancient Egyptians forever!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


For a nominal, negotiable fee Sabertooth Tiger now offers the custom tape service. We have albums and albums worth of content that can be molded into a custom tape for any personality or occasion. We'll re-record songs just for you in what ever style you want. Wonder what Zoobatman would sound like as ska? Or you think Red is Roseville should be sexier? Send an email describing your favorite kind of tape experience.

The bright brittle sound of the steel string, the warmth of the nylon, the bang of the amp... More cowbell, more banjo, more uke, casio, and noise. You're in the drivers seat now- and you decide whats on the album. Covers? You bet, we've got the internet so it can't be too hard to learn a new song or two.

The following is a list of pre-existing content that can be sampled and singled on your mixtape:
  • Zoo Puma + Vampiger: (Alex Kennedy and Beck Kilkenny) These guys are cool dudes and house cats. They make fun of breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Expect trancy-noise-pop synthesizers, sexual slide guitars, bells and whistles, and cool raps. The albums:
    -ZooPuma+Vampiger: GARBAGE, Sunglasses Indoors, My Baby Hearts My GasTank, Kiss Me? Kiss Me. Kiss Me!, HEY GUYS!
    -DANCE TRANE/CD POWER: CD POWER (instrumentals)
    -Zoobatman: Zoobatman, (VGM instrumentals)
    -Brownie Sunday: (dance instrumentals that give you diabetes)
  • Sun Machine (Beck Kilkenny) In the post-apocalyptic recesses of the near future, global warming has evacuated the midwest. The sole survivor is a potpourri smoking prophet of the sun and the future. His destiny is divined from the decayed warble of magnetic tape. By writing prophetic music badass enough to make the whole world party all at the same time Sun Mach will take his destined place in isolation at the center of the universe, waiting for it's inevitable collapse where he will finally become the new sun for the next universe. The albums:
    -2025 (naturalism and plot soundtrack)
    -2050: Invasive Species, Endless Ice, Fireworld, Paper Suburb
    -Sun Mach vs Night Monster (soundtrack) DUST, WEALTH, SMOKE, Night Monster
  • Red is Roseville (Beck Kilkenny) Instructional raps about writing music, and a civic tour guide of the hometown area. Shorty Lo, An Album's a Place, Silence, Red is Right, BUS, Green Oasis, THEME
  • YR CUMMIN 2 R PARTY (collective) We invite our pretty friends to talk while we're playing. Party vignettes play out amidst the overdubs, and for once you don't feel so alone while your listening to your tapes. Don't Go Out 2 the Van, CAKE, No News is Good News, PHONES
  • Ganymede (Beck Kilkenny) Singer/songwriter fare about the self-imposed forces of sophistication. The Oracle, Ganymede, Boxed Wine and Bailey's, Hydroplane, The Rat, The Plan, The End (When I'm Alone), Look Around, Song of a Cardinal
  • Satellite Jazz (collective) Rare synth, static, grand piano, and real stringed instrumental tracks from the jazz musicians at Sabertooth Tiger!

We hope to eventually have all the singles in italics online for free stream and download. But for now you have to pay, but we'll make it unique and special- for you and no one else! Don't pass up on this chance to invest on some hot art!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

...Planet Health

You might wonder why I've been away from my post, or postings- as it were. The truth is that a lack of response is enough deterrent to keep me offline, despite my love of the dandelion propagation and the thrill of web discovery. Also, I feel like its a waste of time to post blogs whilst typing my novel.

That's Planet Health named after the Chairlift song. It doesn't really have to do with the song, but the feelings represent the themes. Hugo DeNaranja loves Susette Florentine, she loves Manny Bannock, so Hugo does too. Manny and Hugo go into business together and Manny turns anti-social and topples the artist-scene ecosystem. The boys retreat to the city where they grow polarized in their pursuit of the shared dream.

That's the first book. The second book is in the outskirts, and the third book is in the future.

I've been writing this novel since 2009, and it's strewn between a few notebooks. I wanted to wait until I owned my own laptop, or at least a computer that doesn't run like a turded moped, to type it. Fer alack, perchance the typing of the novel can fund the computer in the future.

Also, I'm very happy with the myspace singles, they're direct from tape lo-fi versions of our singles! Expect high-def versions real, real soon. I also recorded a cassette album of just acoustic cafe-style versions of songs from a spectrum of albums. For advance order of anything you get interested in, just hit me an email or comment. I feel like my body's been dissected and all the parts are floating away around the world. That's the future of social networking. Dismembered omnipresence.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

New 'space.

Myspace is like facebook but with slightly less moms. We've been recording stuff on tape and now it's stuff on a computer. And it can be on your computer too!