Saturday, September 17, 2011

Dictafawn: Dictafawn Endorsement: Unicorngun & Riley Theodore...

Dictafawn: Dictafawn Endorsement: Unicorngun & Riley Theodore...: I won't normally do these but I figured this was relevant enough since, afterall, I did produce it:

Riley and pal James on a microcassette label!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Autumn Update...

So, I didn't post any new content all summer. That's pretty much because the whole project has flopped due to lack of interest. But the dream never dies, so here's how me and the gang have been wasting our time and money!

I bought a pearl blue Hohner electric guitar that is the sexiest thing I own. Although I continue to practice music and song writing daily, the death of our beloved four-track has ground all production to a halt. I also have picked up bongos and new pan flutes to round out the natural sound.

Alex bought Logic, the fancy edition, and a new MIDI controller. What that means is: he now has more synthesizer programs with more depth than he knows what to do with. Alex and I still jam together a few times a week, but nothing is recorded or performed live. Also, one of the keys broke off his MicroKORG which is really sad.

Riley has my old Japanese, humbucker electric which he has detuned beyond all recognition and plays through the delay devices that Adam built. I think he fixed his 'jo also, so I'm sure roots and blues are still on the menu.

Adam moved to Maine. I have no idea if he's still producing anything, but he bought me a present at a garage sale and that's nothing to shit at.

OKAY So, maybe we don't take this stuff seriously enough to ever be successful, or even have our friends and girlfriends know our songs. And maybe I haven't performed on stage in two years, but isn't the desire to do something at least a step in the right direction towards accomplishment?


Friday, March 25, 2011

....5D Webzine

Hello all (I like assuming people read this).

Finally we've come up with a way to unify all of the post-cassette tape planning into one hyper-media! The 5D webzine is a new invention never before produced or seen. Like a magazine it features recurring features every month or quarter- including simple text and images. Unlike a magazine, content exists within a tesseract of eight independent feature cubes that a reader can browse between.

When you're watching a TV do you always wish your remote could flip between the A story and the B story, instead of just changing channels? That's the essential idea behind a 5D magazine. We offer an A through G story with divisions at the ends of normal attention spans. But unlike TV we offer lots of media: games, puppet shows, comix, and the music map project.

Here are some shows we are writing:
-Tapeater's Landfill Follies
Puppets made of garbage live in a landfill and have madcap adventures
Following the exploits of the Radical Rhombus- this ode to Flatland is also a parody of JRPGS
-Music Map
Releasing landscape albums as part of a magazine is cool
-Lita and Rochelle are Small Business Women
A comic that follows a duo of do-nothings in economic escapades

Plus expect Sun Machine, Zoo Puma + Vampiger, and other original content from musicians and filmmakers!

Sunday, March 13, 2011


make gif"hello," said man-turtley from an outer space made out of hay.
make gif"Glowly Mowly!! Talkin' turts! Right where it hurts! Good navies, Lady!"
Make gif
make avatar "Now look what that sick six baby babes braided me to do!" Lean Steene made himself explode into a gentleman!
Make avatar
make gifThe style system has progressed to a rectangulization of yestermornings values. The new model boasts brains and trains of tan.
Make gif

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


The new myspace song is about pyramids. We have over a half hour of free online content now that is great. You don't have to think about it or anything. I know the way I describe it makes it sound so cerebral, but it's just easy listening. You can do things while you listen to it- you don't need a CD, and if you like one play-through then you would like a $3 tape (cheaper than ANY other form of legal media) of 60 minutes of unstopped music.

Also, our tapes are are all one-of-a-kind objects of art. No two are a like and they are all handmade from recycled materials. WHY pay more for plastic stamped by Chinese children who wished they were Mexican children?

Sunday, March 6, 2011

...Music Maps 2

After the debut 10 releases, we'll put the cassette to rest in order to dive deep into the primordial ooze of new media. The musical map program has taken on some new dimension. Songs expressing a landscape will serve as points on a route, they manifest as expressionist loops, and an external variable (possibly your browser navigation) causes you to progress through the territory.

Different albums are different countries in our super continent. Each nation's traditions is diffused into our fantasy world on the internet- replacing the real world with metaphorical "like" parts. As we continue the adventure of songwriting in the Sabertooth Tiger studios, we can leave a cartographic record of the realms we visit.

The philosophy behind our song writing method is expressed on the debut tapes. Red is Roseville tells us that the album is really a place, and music will always be something that should be accepted as scenery. An artist is only a phase, an interchangeable avatar who ebbs on the flow of a popular current. And music? A machine:  Chomsky-esque linguistic programming of preliterate man, vestigial circuits of expression leftover from an animal-pastoral lifestyle.

Some examples of mytheme setting music that we've written in the last week include a windmill and a highway.

Monday, February 28, 2011

...Post-Progressive Futurism

I've been so political feeling lately. Probably because I have too much time and no feeling of needs being met from any arena (other than my girlfriend), but I don't care about unemployment anymore. I'm ready to spend my whole life unemployed because my turn has come. Isn't it somewhat unreasonable to think that I have an entitlement to money and a career now that segregation and racial prejudice have improved? There has always been only enough work and money to keep white men wealthy, and now that women are institutionally equal and affirmative action has developed unto a political load-bearer- why should I expect anything? I'm happy to be jobless, and so should the rest of us. We have an opportunity to create the necessities and structures of the future, and men can finally live a life where they get by just on looks- the way 20th century women were forced to live.

BUT there's one big problem. When boys have nothing to do they will either become criminals or artists. It's important to train male children the feminine arts over the masculine defense now that they have as much chance of living the life of a stay at home dad as 20th C women. "But most families need two incomes to afford children, a car, an a house." Why does everybody need a fucking car and house? That's another entitlement left over from the 1950s. But there is one thing everybody does need:

Communication is the most important commodity in the new millennium. The internet should be free, government: open source, and education: automatic. Why should the words of people who wrote by candlelight and kept slaves be the parameters of quality of life for the internet generation?

I want to start a political blog, but I never will unless there's someone willing to comment on it. I know I have enough cache that somebody must be reading this, but if YOU aren't willing to respond then it's clear that I'm wrong and what the baby-boomers say is right and our generation is just a thankless waste.