Saturday, January 22, 2011

...Planet Health

You might wonder why I've been away from my post, or postings- as it were. The truth is that a lack of response is enough deterrent to keep me offline, despite my love of the dandelion propagation and the thrill of web discovery. Also, I feel like its a waste of time to post blogs whilst typing my novel.

That's Planet Health named after the Chairlift song. It doesn't really have to do with the song, but the feelings represent the themes. Hugo DeNaranja loves Susette Florentine, she loves Manny Bannock, so Hugo does too. Manny and Hugo go into business together and Manny turns anti-social and topples the artist-scene ecosystem. The boys retreat to the city where they grow polarized in their pursuit of the shared dream.

That's the first book. The second book is in the outskirts, and the third book is in the future.

I've been writing this novel since 2009, and it's strewn between a few notebooks. I wanted to wait until I owned my own laptop, or at least a computer that doesn't run like a turded moped, to type it. Fer alack, perchance the typing of the novel can fund the computer in the future.

Also, I'm very happy with the myspace singles, they're direct from tape lo-fi versions of our singles! Expect high-def versions real, real soon. I also recorded a cassette album of just acoustic cafe-style versions of songs from a spectrum of albums. For advance order of anything you get interested in, just hit me an email or comment. I feel like my body's been dissected and all the parts are floating away around the world. That's the future of social networking. Dismembered omnipresence.

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