Friday, March 25, 2011

....5D Webzine

Hello all (I like assuming people read this).

Finally we've come up with a way to unify all of the post-cassette tape planning into one hyper-media! The 5D webzine is a new invention never before produced or seen. Like a magazine it features recurring features every month or quarter- including simple text and images. Unlike a magazine, content exists within a tesseract of eight independent feature cubes that a reader can browse between.

When you're watching a TV do you always wish your remote could flip between the A story and the B story, instead of just changing channels? That's the essential idea behind a 5D magazine. We offer an A through G story with divisions at the ends of normal attention spans. But unlike TV we offer lots of media: games, puppet shows, comix, and the music map project.

Here are some shows we are writing:
-Tapeater's Landfill Follies
Puppets made of garbage live in a landfill and have madcap adventures
Following the exploits of the Radical Rhombus- this ode to Flatland is also a parody of JRPGS
-Music Map
Releasing landscape albums as part of a magazine is cool
-Lita and Rochelle are Small Business Women
A comic that follows a duo of do-nothings in economic escapades

Plus expect Sun Machine, Zoo Puma + Vampiger, and other original content from musicians and filmmakers!

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