Thursday, September 15, 2011

Autumn Update...

So, I didn't post any new content all summer. That's pretty much because the whole project has flopped due to lack of interest. But the dream never dies, so here's how me and the gang have been wasting our time and money!

I bought a pearl blue Hohner electric guitar that is the sexiest thing I own. Although I continue to practice music and song writing daily, the death of our beloved four-track has ground all production to a halt. I also have picked up bongos and new pan flutes to round out the natural sound.

Alex bought Logic, the fancy edition, and a new MIDI controller. What that means is: he now has more synthesizer programs with more depth than he knows what to do with. Alex and I still jam together a few times a week, but nothing is recorded or performed live. Also, one of the keys broke off his MicroKORG which is really sad.

Riley has my old Japanese, humbucker electric which he has detuned beyond all recognition and plays through the delay devices that Adam built. I think he fixed his 'jo also, so I'm sure roots and blues are still on the menu.

Adam moved to Maine. I have no idea if he's still producing anything, but he bought me a present at a garage sale and that's nothing to shit at.

OKAY So, maybe we don't take this stuff seriously enough to ever be successful, or even have our friends and girlfriends know our songs. And maybe I haven't performed on stage in two years, but isn't the desire to do something at least a step in the right direction towards accomplishment?



  1. I forgot to mention to you that I stuck the microkorg key back on with superglue and it works fine. No big wup.

    We can do it. We're handsome.

  2. Hey, I recorded an album with James back in June, and it's getting released by a little tape distro in Wisconsin.


    Also, the guitar is flipping awesome.