Saturday, December 11, 2010

...Red is Roseville 2

One of the nice things about the Sabertooth Tiger vision of what defines an album is the ability to keep bringing new singles into focus and re-imagine the moods and the themes of the sense of time and place that encompasses. One song on Red is Roseville that teaches that is the aptly named "Theme" a three movement piece that begins with a fast paced party melody (originally written at a party) which parlays into an acoustic lullaby and ends in a visceral roar of folk-fanfare emotion.

This song has been years in the making and encompasses some lyrics and melodies that were written when I first picked up a mandolin. Back then I wasn't dactyl enough to play what was in my trance, although now it's second nature. Three distinct, infectious melodies; hooks to get hooked on and whistle all day long.

Theme is the black sheep track on the album. Not an instrumental, not a lyrical piece in the sense of the folk songs and raps. Theme is a powerful pop-concoction, but it's long and atypical. It's the new pop music. If you're putting the effort into downloading a single song, you need one that can hold your attention span for at least the duration of the buffer. So, it's an amalgam --pastiche one could even say, not a new idea by any means but definitely one overdue for resurgence. Bam bam bam.

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