Monday, December 6, 2010

...Zoo Puma and Vampiger

According to the Sabertooth Tiger website (to be launched this month, as soon as I get hosting):
"These guys are pop musicians and happy people. Their music makes you think about dancing in a scary place. These albums are instrumental synth jams."

For the most part, the Zoo Puma and Vampiger series is a chronicle of the expanding library of sounds that open up as the studio grows. The human body is poly-rhythmic, and the off-beats and noises represent the passage of time, with each a brushstroke on the canvas of memory. But there's a few over-arching themes and moods here. Like the house cats that they are, the music is imbued with a naivety and lethargy of the bucolic family pet.

"I can play guitar as fatigued as Jeff Tweedy/
This guy on MicroKorg is a fuzzy-face sweetie/
Together we can take this town/
Lay out during the mixdown/
Swimmin' around in the lazy sound/
We don't put the tapes out and then lay around/
WE ROLLIN'/ We makin' mas songs/
Bikin' round all day or hittin' on bongs/
WE STOLE IT/ From the artists that we love/
Holding shotgun mics in our likes, aiming at the crying dove/
It's picturesque, it's art qua art for art qua's sake/
It's fun for me-but it really hurts the head/
Not that it's some compulsion like wishing you were dead/
Some days when I awake I want to stay in bed/
But music stores ring out and pull me into them instead/
It keeps one zen, skippin' rocks across the lake/
Not much fuss, to ride a bus or bike 'tween both the banks/"

  • Zoo Puma/Vampiger
    • Garbage, Sunglasses Indoors, Pump 8 + a Pack, When I'm Alone
  • Dance/Trance+CD Power
    • Theme (Instrumental)
  • Wireweb+Tapeeater
    • M Precious, Gulag, Summer Street
  • Brownie Sundae
    • Theme (Instrumental)
  • Zoobatman
    • Zoobatman

All of these albums will be available for cassette purchase within the winter, and the singles listed will also be available for free download. Even though we're backlogged in content, we're still looking for more. If you'd like us to record some of your songs for community distribution, hit me up!

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