Wednesday, December 1, 2010

...Red is Roseville

Today I put the finishing touches on the least impressive website you've ever seen. But I think the content speaks for itself. I hope you like websites that contain rap lyrics with html coding.

One of the albums in production that it's worth doting on for today's post is called Red is Roseville. The singles are called "Red is Right" and "An Album's a Place". The overarching themes of the lyrical and narrative content come in two pills: a) songs about the essential skills and methods involved in music production and b) songs that serve as driving directions and tour logs of Roseville and the metro.

Although the "Red is Right" single provides the trademark noise and synthesizer throb of it's composers, the overall album presents a much more ethereal mood and songs like "Silent Cone" and "An Albums a Place" are much folksier fair than one hears on the Zoo Puma/Vampiger series. Classical nylon guitar flourishes abound and mellow pipes waver through the glissando transcendence in the peaceful snapshot of suburban sobriety.

Here's some lyrics:
No we're not far away, but the thresholds hold/
We put the bikes away when airs get cold/
The bus routes lonely- the stops barely told/
Cubits and cubicles climb the frost skyline-/
We're always waiting for the face to explode/
Like video-game retreats to reload/
I'm only a couple miles east on this road/
White lines to trace the spills where salt melts the ice-/

Glitter in the fall/ Data streams into the storm sewers and rooftops/ Cinderella at the ball/ The city answers the call/ Now we wait for them at bars, cafes, and pawn shops/

I left the rap out so that you have to get the tape.

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