Friday, February 18, 2011

...Musical Maps

The last few weeks in the studio have been a combination of hard rumination about Pokemon and the design of our new music format. If you aren't familiar with our instrumentals style yet it's very sweeping, expressionist scoring that imbues the listener with the cinematic feeling of flying over exotic locales. It's essentially landscape painting with music.

But why bother putting the new sound on tape? Why bother burning CDs? We all know that the future of music is live streaming from the web. That's why our next album will be a streaming only release. Listening to the album will be as easy as pulling up a flash website of a map of our fantasy realm. The different pieces will represent the different landforms, and the movements within them are representative of the actions one would perform in that terrain. But don't think about your elementary school biome unit, think more like Zelda dungeons.

We've written a few movements of an ancient Egyptian pyramid, a whispy wood, and an endless void inside the internal organs of a dragon. Expect mountains, villages, castles, factories, spaceships, and the nest of an evil eagle to present in the final album.

Depending on how easily we learn flash animation there will be looping visualizers that correspond to each track on the map. Essentially this is video game that you don't press any buttons to play. This should get nerds really creamed up, and hipsters take note: many of our instruments are custom made and never before seen so don't expect a Playstation Final Fantasy soundtrack.

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