Wednesday, February 2, 2011

...Winning the Future

We're in the fabrication phase (finally) this month at the distro! Orange crates spray painted with primer are to be decorated to house two copies each of our ten debut albums. From five cereal boxes (also primed) come twenty sleeves, and with a casio label-maker and bulk cassettes for $.75 we're ready to hunker in for the crush of the second week of Minnesota February (MF death). The resulting care packages are going to be shopped around the record shops in town first before we sell them online. I'm hoping that a failure in your hometown can constitute a phenomenon in the Asian market, that's my best worst case-scenario.

It's so strange that the night before the Egyptian protests, Zoo Puma and Vampiger were investigating the Great Pyramid of Cheops, when they made a radical discovery: Ancient Egyptians had the ability to magnetize chrome ribbon, and had produced a tape of electro and rock music! When the intrepid crew played the cassette, the Sphinx awakened and declared: "Internet will be banned from the land of Egypt for four thousand years. So sayeth the Sphinx!"

Stay tuned for more exciting fantasy record label stories!

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